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Why Choose Us?

What would happen if you were unable to take on any further contract or freelance work due to illness or injury? Would you be able to cover your mortgage, pay your bills and support your family? Unfortunately, for many self-employed people, the answer is no.

This is where Contractor Protection insurance is absolutely essential to safeguard your finances in the event that you’re unable to work. Our contractor insurance UK team are experts in sourcing the best cover and are ready to help protect your future. Contact our team of specialists today so we can eliminate your concerns by arranging comprehensive contractor protection.

Could You Benefit From Contractor Insurance?

Permanent full-time employees typically have access to various perks provided by their employer. Life insurance, medical cover and critical illness protection may all be part of their standard employee benefits package. Those who have such cover in place need never worry about what would happen if they suddenly were prevented from working. Unfortunately, contractors aren’t able to take advantage of such employee deals.

Do The Government Provide Contractor Insurance?

Some contractors may be under the impression that the government would offer financial support if they were unable to work. Although this is true for regular NI contributors, the amount offered per week is as little as £74.35 per week if you’re over 25 years old. The amount increases to £113.55 if you’re categorised as requiring extra support following an initial assessment period. This Employment and Support Allowance is extremely limited and few contractors would feel able to cover their monthly outgoings using this sum.

Ultimately, the best way for self-employed people to protect their future is to invest in contractor protection as a top priority. Contractor insurance typically pays out 50-80% of your regular income if you’re unable to work.

Working With Our Contractor Insurance UK Team

Contractor Protection understands the hassles that you may have previously encountered when trying to source contractor insurance from comparison sites. Seeking the right cover at an affordable rate can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating when it doesn’t fully meet your requirements.

When you get in touch with our contractor insurance UK team, the first thing you’ll notice is that we take the time to get to know you as an individual. By hearing you describe your background, your work and your family commitments, we’ll be able to identify the most significant financial risks that you might be facing. This allows us to calculate the amount of cover you’ll need and source the perfect contractor protection product for you. We have access to a wide range of insurance providers and will deliver an unbiased opinion about the best contractor protection solution for you.

Services Offered By Contractor Protection

Contractor Protection offers access to a wide range of insurance products which are ideal for self-employed people. These include:

– Contractor Income Protection

– Critical Illness Cover

– Contractor Mortgages

– Life Insurance

– Health Insurance

– Contractor Pensions

You can be assured that we prioritise the tax-efficiency of your limited company, so we will always choose products that enable you to claim the premiums as allowable expenses.

If you’re worrying about how to safeguard your future as a self-employed person, then arrange a consultation with our contractor insurance UK professionals today. You can choose to receive our expert guidance remotely or face-to-face. Get in touch with Contractor Protection on 01245 408 602.

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